out call massage - 50/80 min                                                                                                              $155/$200

Let Indulgences by Mary Ashton come to you. Enjoy one of our signature massages in the comfort of your home. (Celebration only).

Aroma Touch - 45 MIN                                                                                                                                $60

it is a trademark technique also a clinical approach to applying essential  oils along energy meridians and

visceral contact points of the back and feet to help balance the nervice systems of the body.

AROMA RELAX - 2 HR                                                                                                                                       $175                                     
This treatment  starts with a body  massage infused with pure essential  oils,  warm towels are applied and then the body is wrapped with blankets to push oils in deeper into the skin.

warm scalp massage - 25min                                                                                                                $50

Relaxing massage to the head and shoulders using aromatherapy oils to ease away headaches and tension.

Reflexology - 25/50 min                                                                                                                             $45/$80

Pressure point massage on the feet to help eliminate toxins, restore energy and relax the body. Stimulates the

healthy function of internal organs.

TENSION Relief Massage - 25 min                                                                                                              $50

Focusing on the head and shoulder areas, where we accumulate the most stress and tension

prenatal massage 50/80 min                                                                                                               $70/$100

Gentle massage for you mums to be   designed to alleviate  tension caused  by  the body's natural adjustments

during pregnancy.  2nd & 3rd Trimester only.                                                                               

Side by side massage 50/80 min                                                                                                         $155/$230

escape into total relaxation with a friend or loved one s you indulge in your choice of Swedish, Deep Tissue

or Aromatherapy Massage.

Deep Tissue Massage - 50/80 min                                                                                                            $80/$115

Uses slow strokes and firm pressure. Helps relieve chronic pain and increase range of motion.

Aromatherapy Massage - 50/80 min                                                                                                 $80/$105

Experience essential oils as they awaken the bodies five senses leaving you relaxed, revived & renewed.

Hot stone massage - 50/80 Min                                                                                                           $80/130

Deep tissue massage & relaxation with the use of hot stones. Ideal for those with joint pain, sore muscles,

build up of toxins and/or scar tissue  & fibromyalgia.

Swedish Massage - 50/80 min                                                                                                                   $70/$95

Using long strokes with light to medium pressure to improve circulation and diminish stress. Perfect for first timers.

Massage Services

head to toe treatments, beneficial for circulation, detoxification and therapy for sore achy muscles.